Best free alternate software to notepad

You may be using your windows default text editor called notepad,for Linux it is g-edit.Programmers never use such text editors.Because it just increase your coding time.Then what will be do?No problem only solution!We have Atom,Brackets,Sublime text 3!! These software are free.But Sublime text 3 had 2 version.One is free &other one is not free.Any way free sublime text is very good and very is a freemiumware software.But Atom&Brackets are fully free & opensource.Atom,Brackets,Sublime text are crossed platform application.It works on Windows,Linux,Mac.Atom is a free and opensource project by github. Brackets also free and opensource which is developing by Adobe.You can also use notepad++.Which is also free!
Atom-Windows,Linux,Mac |Free| |Opensource|
Brackets-Windows,Linux,Mac |Free| |Opensource|
Sublime text-Windows,Linux,Mac |Freemium| |Proprietary software|