New facebook emotion Thankful

Face book new emoticons thankful

New emoticons to facebook arrived which is named Thankful.It is violet color flower icon to express thanks.Other emotions are Like,Love,Haha,wow,sad,Angry but today it disappeared


Opensource Social Netwok

Opensource Social Network is a free & opensource social networking script written in php.It is very easy to use.Previous version of opensource social Network theme was look like facebook.Main functions of facebook are available in ossn.We can download it from their website for free of cost.Open Source Social Network commonly called ossn will help you to make a website like facebook,google+,twitter.Admin can manage accounts,Sign up from public is available,Easy to install on your host.You earn money from ossn by putting ads on your social networking site.Using ossn you can make a sns(social networking site).See you sns owner 

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