Run visual machines

Download oracle visual box or VM Ware player to run guest operating systems on your computer .VM Wareplayer & Oracle visual box are free but VM Wareplayer is only free for non profit /non commercial use.You can use VM ware workstation instead of VM wareplayer for commercial use.VM Ware workstation is not free but trial versions are free for 30 days.VM ware workstation works on windows & linux.For mac users can use VM ware fusion instead of VM wareworkstation.Visual box is free & opensource which is developing by oracle.You can run oracle visual box on Mac,Windows,Linux,Solaris,FreeBSD. Quemu is also a good software for visual machines.It works with linux & windows. Quemu is a free and opensource software.But we will not recommend this software to you because it is very difficult to use.We recommend Oracle visual box or VM ware player to you.But oracle visual box has different problems. Mainly errors.We cant solve the errors.Because they are not efficienct in solving errors.But it is a good software.VM wareplayer and VM wareworkstation are very professional so it is very simple to use.VM ware player/workstation is good for you.But you cant install mac os on VM ware player/workstation .