Opensource Social Netwok

Opensource Social Network is a free & opensource social networking script written in php.It is very easy to use.Previous version of opensource social Network theme was look like facebook.Main functions of facebook are available in ossn.We can download it from their website for free of cost.Open Source Social Network commonly called ossn will help you to make a website like facebook,google+,twitter.Admin can manage accounts,Sign up from public is available,Easy to install on your host.You earn money from ossn by putting ads on your social networking site.Using ossn you can make a sns(social networking site).See you sns owner 

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Best free alternate software to notepad

You may be using your windows default text editor called notepad,for Linux it is g-edit.Programmers never use such text editors.Because it just increase your coding time.Then what will be do?No problem only solution!We have Atom,Brackets,Sublime text 3!! These software are free.But Sublime text 3 had 2 version.One is free &other one is not free.Any way free sublime text is very good and very is a freemiumware software.But Atom&Brackets are fully free & opensource.Atom,Brackets,Sublime text are crossed platform application.It works on Windows,Linux,Mac.Atom is a free and opensource project by github. Brackets also free and opensource which is developing by Adobe.You can also use notepad++.Which is also free!
Atom-Windows,Linux,Mac |Free| |Opensource|
Brackets-Windows,Linux,Mac |Free| |Opensource|
Sublime text-Windows,Linux,Mac |Freemium| |Proprietary software|

Run visual machines

Download oracle visual box or VM Ware player to run guest operating systems on your computer .VM Wareplayer & Oracle visual box are free but VM Wareplayer is only free for non profit /non commercial use.You can use VM ware workstation instead of VM wareplayer for commercial use.VM Ware workstation is not free but trial versions are free for 30 days.VM ware workstation works on windows & linux.For mac users can use VM ware fusion instead of VM wareworkstation.Visual box is free & opensource which is developing by oracle.You can run oracle visual box on Mac,Windows,Linux,Solaris,FreeBSD. Quemu is also a good software for visual machines.It works with linux & windows. Quemu is a free and opensource software.But we will not recommend this software to you because it is very difficult to use.We recommend Oracle visual box or VM ware player to you.But oracle visual box has different problems. Mainly errors.We cant solve the errors.Because they are not efficienct in solving errors.But it is a good software.VM wareplayer and VM wareworkstation are very professional so it is very simple to use.VM ware player/workstation is good for you.But you cant install mac os on VM ware player/workstation .

Best way to convert your http website into https

Best way to convert your http website into https is cloudflare! It is absolutely free also you can install apps on works on shared hosting too.If you are owning a VPS server Letsencrypt is a best way to get ssl certificate for server @ 0 cost
Website of cloudflare is =
Website of letsencrypt is=

New android Version 7

New android version 7 is coming soon.Beta version of new android is named Android N.You can also suggest name for new android.
New important features of android N is following
Multi-window mode
You can run different apps at same timealso split screen mode is available for android N
One notification for all app.
You can select apps and you can group it into one 
Faster app optimization in Android N
Faster reboots in everytime
Dark mode
control to limit the amount of blue light in your display 
Put emergency info on your lock screen
Android N now has a setting that allows you to provide a link to your emergency information on your lock screen, including your name, blood type, address, allergies and other essential information that may be required if you find yourself in an accident and unable to communicate